Don’t Buy A Love Spell…

“STOP! Don’t Buy A Love Spell…
Until You Have Read My Story”

Hi, my name is Sarah-Jane, and I want to talk to you about love spells. What I have to say is important, it could save you thousands of dollars!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and sell you anything, I don’t have anything to sell. I just want to try and keep you from making the same mistakes I made…and losing a lot of money at the same time.

If you are thinking of buying a love spell, wait until you have read my story. If you are in a hurry, you can skip to the bottom where I have made a list of people who have a genuine service and can be trusted.

Who am I to talk about love spells? Let me tell you my story briefly.

My Love Spell Story

I was in love with a man. Desperately, hopelessly, head-over-heels in love. It was wonderful – for a time. You see, he loved me back, and that was the greatest feeling in the world. Perhaps you have felt that too?

But it didn’t last. After one and a half glorious years together, our relationship fell apart, and my life with it. I don’t even know what happened. I just know that one day everything was great. and the next, my world was shattered.

I will spare you the details, if you’re reading this, then I guess you already know what that feels like, it’s stomach wrenching. I just wanted to die.

In my desperation to get back my man, I started looking for someone to cast a love spell. I would never have even considered using magic before, I mean all that hocus pocus stuff is ok in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but for real? Get real! But like I say, a broken heart makes you see things differently, and I was willing to try anything to get my man back.

The First Thousand Dollars

There are some cruel people in the world. People who are ready and waiting to take advantage of you when you are down. And believe me, they are convincing!

I gave one of these people a thousand dollars.

I consider myself a normal sane person. And giving up a thousand bucks sounds like insane behavior I know! Heck, it is insane if I stop and think about it. But I was heartbroken. I felt like I was dying a little more each day. I needed my man back, and so when this spell caster I found on the internet told me I could get him back but it would cost me, I willingly gave her the money. What was money compared to what I had lost?

The Next Two Thousand

Over the course of the next two months, this woman continued to ask me for more money. She told me that she was “nearly there”, but every time she emailed or called me, it would be to say that there was some “negative energy” or a “blocking spell” that needed to be removed. If I didn’t pay her more money to complete the spell, all her hard work would have been in vain, and I would never see my man again.

What was I to do? The money was getting harder and harder to find. I was already borrowing from friends (and of course, lying about why I needed the cash) But I couldn’t give up. Now I stood to lose not only my man, but my money as well.

Before I knew it, I had given this woman another two thousand dollars. And that is when a friend of mine finally figured out what was going on, and brought me crashing back to reality.

My Friend Had The Answer

My friend, Sheila, had seen the signs. At first she though I must be spending all my money on drugs or something. But then she worked out what was going on. How could she have known? The answer both shocked me, and filled me with relief at the same time.

Sheila had used love spells too!

I had no idea that my friend had used magic. She would never have let on either, except that she had seen what I was going through, and realized I needed help. She told me how she had been crazy about this guy (who is now her husband by the way), and how she had bought a load of different spells to get him to fall in love with her. Most of them, she said, were rubbish, but there was one that had worked.

I was overjoyed! If the spell had worked for Sheila, it must work for me, right?


At least, it would have worked, but when I emailed the spell caste,  he emailed me back to tell me he was too busy, and would not be able to help me for at least six more weeks.

I was devastated. My hopes had been built up, and then blown away by one email.

But Sheila wasn’t finished.  She doesn’t like to be beaten. I think she saw me as a challenge, and she was certain she could find an answer. While I was too busy crying my heart out to know what she was up to, she was busy contacting every spell caster she could find. She was asking them deep and searching questions, probing to find out if they were con-artists or if they might be for real.

Finally, she found him.

His name was Robert, and he was offering a spell that wasn’t like any of the others we had seen. Most of the people who were doing magic, were doing magic – I mean – you paid them money and they did the spell. Robert was different because he had a kit that let you do the magic yourself.

Right away I was convinced that this was going to work. I mean, I had the kit so I could be sure of what was going to happen!

Well Roberts spell kit was a revelation. He gave me instructions and a special recording that I had to use when I was casting his spell. I say spell, but it wasn’t really like a spell. There weren’t any funny herbs or dead mice or anything weird like that. Actually it was almost like meditation. And it felt wonderful!

I followed all the instructions, and then I waited. At first, I started to get worried. Nothing seemed to be happening. I wrote to Robert, and he explained to me that nothing changes overnight. He told me that it would take some time for the spell to have an effect on my man, and even then, my man might not decide to come back to me straight away. After all, it was now many months since we had split, and he wasn’t just going to wake up one morning and decide to come back!

About three or four weeks after I had started using Roberts kit, I bumped into my man in the mall. I had gone there with Sheila, she was trying to get me to go out the house more often, and I had grudgingly agreed to go with her. This was the first time I had seen my guy since the split. I was dumbstruck, I didn’t know what to say.

Actually I didn’t need to say anything, because he started talking. He told me that just recently he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me. He said that he didn’t really know why we had split. He said he was lonely.

With every word, my heart jumped about 10 feet in the air! These were the very words I had dreamed about hearing for months!

We had coffee together that day at the mall. Then dinner at a restaurant. And we arranged to see each other the next day. And the next. It was like being a teenager, although I had never stopped loving him, it was like I was falling in love with him all over again! Looking back, I think these were some of the happiest weeks of my life.

Two months later, he proposed. Six months after that. we were married. Now I’m expecting our first child.

The Lessons I Learned

Look, I’ve probably rambled on much too much here. I said at the beginning that I want to keep you from making the same mistakes that I did. That’s why I have put this website on the internet, in the hope that if you are looking for a love spell, you will find this page before you waste your money.

Here are the most important lessons I learned from my experience, and Sheila learned while she was trying to help me:

1. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good. I spent three thousand dollars with the first woman I tried, and it got me nowhere.

2. Love spell casters all sound convincing. Most of them have little stories from satisfied customers all over their internet sites, and they sound very believable, but are they for real? I don’t think so!

3. Magic can work. It got me a husband, and Sheila too.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sheila asked a ton of questions. Some people didnt reply at all, so she crossed them off the list.

Our Conclusion

Here’s the bottom line: If you want to use a spell, it can work. But be careful who you choose.

If you want to get in touch with Robert, the man who helped me, then you can visit his internet site here:   Robert Masons Morphic Love Spell Site

Remember that Robert sells a kit that you can use yourself. That means you dont have any doubts about whether he is doing the spell for you or not, because you do it yourself.

If you would rather someone did the spell for you, then you can try getting help from the man that Sheila used. His name is Josh, and he has an internet site here:  Joshua’s Site

He was too busy to help me, but perhaps he can help you? UPDATE: Apparently Joshua is no longer casting love spells and has retired. Maybe he will start again, but right now it looks like he is out of action.

Finally, Sheila got some good answers from another site called the California Astrology Associated, who have a site here:  C.A.A.

Warning: She did not use them, and neither did I. But they answered all of Sheilas questions, and so if the other two people cant help you, maybe these people can.

Now we arent saying that everyone else is a con artist! There are surely others who are good as well. But these are the only three that we have experience of and can recommend.

If you have already used love spells from someone else, and they have worked for you, please let us know in the comments. We would love to be able to add some more people to the list of “good” spell casters!

I really hope my web page helps you.

With lots of love,



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Love Spells And The Three Fold Law

So someone emailed me asking if I had heard of this thing called the three fold law. Apparently, if you cast any kind of spell, it comes back at you with three times the force, or some rubbish like that.

And lets be clear, I think it IS rubbish! I mean, maybe if you start dabbling in black magic or voodoo or that stuff (if you even believe in that, which I don’t) then maybe it could come back to haunt you in some kind of bad-karma way.

But really, love spells are all about positivity and hope. They are good spells. And the one I used wasn’t even a spell as such anyway, it was more a scientifically proven method for getting my man back, and it was devastatingly effective. It created love and desire – good things not bad.

So don’t worry about three fold laws and other such trash. I’m sure these things are invented by people with too much time on their hands.

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Love Spells on EBay

When I was looking for a love spell, I came across a lot being sold on eBay. They all sounded quite exotic, some of them came with weird ingredients, others were recipes and you had to find the ingredients yourself. None of them worked.

The thing about ebay is that its so easy to set up shop and sell anything, that it attracts a crowd of – how can I put this politely – less than honest merchants. If there’s demand for something, you can bet hundreds or thousands of people will try and sell it on ebay.

I quickly found out that any kind of spell that talks about fancy ingredients, or waning moons, is a bunkum. Real spells don’t work like that. Those are the kinds of spells you see in movies. Real spells use science.

So my advice, if you’re looking for a love spell, is to stay clear of ebay. I’ve never heard of anyone having success with the fake stuff that gets sold there.

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